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How to Promote Your Blog on Instagram to Get More Traffic

If you want to increase your blog traffic you need to invest in a strong Instagram strategy to help you get there!

It's a great opportunity for free exposure and is the app has many features that can help you build your audience and following. No matter what your industry is, there's an audience for it on Instagram.

Ready to boost your blog traffic? Here are 5 ways to promote your blog on Instagram:

1. Use a Link in Bio Tool

Instagram only lets you add a single link to your bio at a time which should mean that you have to switch out the link every time you add new blog content, which also limits how long you can promote your old posts.

Thankfully, there's many tools out there that allow you to add several links at once, as a sort of pop-up menu, so you don't have to stick to just choosing one place to send your Instagram audience to.

Some examples of these include : Link Tree, Later, and

2. Include Clear Call-to-actions in Captions, Stories, and Reels

Including your blog content on your link in bio landing page is great, but that's only the start - you also have to drive your audience to it! Adding a clear call-to-action (CTA) in your feed post captions, Instagram Stories, and Reels, is one of the most simple and effective ways to boost engagement and drive traffic back to your blog.

CTAs can come in many forms so get creative and use these traffic-driving opportunities. Videos, on-screen text, and enticing caption copy are all tried-and-tested tactics for your strategy.

3. Share Your Blog Posts on Instagram Stories (with Links!)

Instagram Stories are one of the best tools to drive traffic back to your blog especially since the added feature that let's any account add a link sticker to their stories (this was previously only available to accounts with over 10K followers).

For best results, make your link sticker on brand and the focus of your story. This could be with customized stories templates or by adding some fun, attention-grabbing GIFs!

Don't forget, if Instagram stories do disappear after 24 hours unless you save them as a highlight, so do that to make them accessible to users looking at your profile 24/7.

4. Tease Blog Content in the Captions

When using Instagram to promote your blog it's good to pay special attention to your captions because this is the place where you get to tell your story! This also makes them the perfect place to promote your blog content in a way that makes your audience need to know more!

Teaser content is great for getting attention and driving traffic back to your blog.

5. Prioritize Video and High-impact Visuals

Instagram's algorithm is prioritizing video content now more than ever. This is why it's important to plan content that includes video, because we all know you need to give the algorithm what it wants!

Even if it's just a quick Reel or Live where you talk about the content of your latest post (paired with a strong CTA), you will likely get good results.

And the most important thing - keep track of what works best for you! And then do more of it.

Still struggling to drive traffic via social?

Check out my social media services to see if we could be a good fit in working together to get you noticed online!


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