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Struggling to find Color Palette for Your Next Design Project? These are the Best Sites for Inspo

You don't need me to tell you that color choice is one of the most important aspects of design. Colors can make or break a design and the psychology behind the use of different colors has actually been shown to heavily influence a company's bottom line. But coming up with color palettes on your own can be a time-consuming task, and even the smallest changes can completely alter the aesthetic of your design which makes color very complex to work with. Thankfully though, there's a lot of great resources available to help you find or generate attractive color palettes, that will save you the stress of making one on your own. I've put together a list of some of my absolute favorite go-to's, here for you.

Culrs A great site of curated color palettes that work beautifully together and are based on color theory. The side bar allows for you to sort by the type of combination and light/dark themes. All the palettes come with hex codes that you can copy when you click on the color.

Site Palette This is a super handy web browser extension that grabs the main colors from any website that you're on. And not only can you extract color schemes with it, you can also edit them, share by permalink, and download the palettes to Sketch or Adobe Swatches.

Color Hunt This great resource has thousands of trendy hand-picked color palettes for color inspiration, which are searchable by color and different themes.

Gradient Hunt This is an amazing curated collection of trendy color gradients that's updated daily. You can save your favorites or download the color codes or the gradient images as a .png.

Color Space

Got a color you want to use in your design, but don't know what to combine with it? Enter the hex code for any color into this site and it will generate a bunch of amazing color palettes with it.


This is a great site to 'find the color of anything'. Just enter a keyword and the generator will use Google's image search to show you the primary colors shown for that word.

Color Palette Generator This tool from Muzli generates palettes based on color theory from one initial color your give it. It lets you preview how the palettes will look like on a mock UI which updates instantly to your changes.

Still struggling to find the best color palette that fits your business?

Check out some of my branding services while you're here; specifically designed for entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small-businesses, to find your perfect colors and all the elements you need to create a clear and coherent identity that compliments your work!


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