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Account Audit and Analytics for Optimized Performance

Clean up your feed and refresh your content. Account Audits assess your current social media posts and find opportunities for growth. You’ll know exactly what to get rid of, keep, and improve on, based on a variety of metrics. Or dive deep into your Insights with Analytics Reports that help you refine your social strategy so that it aligns with your goals.

Goal-Oriented Marketing Strategy and Campaigns

Struggling to think of what to post is a thing of the past with data-driven marketing plans that guide your social media use and outline the content that needs to get created. Plans cover everything from an overall social strategy based on audience and market research, to specific campaigns and their creative pathways.

Content creation & marketing plans

Whether you're looking for  little help with strategy-backed content creation or want to completely hand over all the planning, creating, publishing, and community engagement for your socials, we've got options for you.

Content Calendars, Scheduling & Publishing

Content Calendars allow you to reach your marketing goals by planning and scheduling ahead of time so that you can create content more efficiently and batch similar work together. Take it a step further with Publishing services so that you’re consistently posting, always active for the algorithm, and showing up in your audience’s feed.

Real Engagement for Authentic Relationships

Social media networks are for connections. Create deeper relationships with your audience and make your brand more social with authentic engagement done for you. You’ll be freed from having to constantly check up on your accounts while your brand loyalty as customer inquiries are handled, and your audience feels connected with and heard.

Branded Content Creation Designed for Growth

Bring your ideas to life with editable social media post templates or fully custom-made content creation packages. Whether you’re looking to launch or grow your socials, you'll get strategically crafted photo, video, animations or copy that aligns with your brand identity and works towards your specific marketing goals. 

Stepa Creative


Social media helps you reach, nurture, and engage with your target audience, no matter what their location is. By using social media to connect with your audience, you'll generate brand awareness and trust, and the leads, sales, and revenue that come with it.



Set up a no-commitment consultation to talk about your project needs and goals.

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