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This is the Best Type of Content to Make to Attract Your Dream Clients

Content is the most powerful tool you have at your disposal when it comes to marketing on line. Your content can show your knowledge and expertise, and it helps you build trust and form meaningful connections with your audience.

So, what exactly do you need to be posting to attract your dream clients to your business and get them interested in working with you?

I'll let you know 5 types of content to share that will do just that.

1. Client Testimonials

Client testimonials are a great way to attract new clientele because everyone loves a good recommendation. You wouldn't buy something online without checking he reviews first, right? Testimonials work the same way by letting your potential clients see what others' experiences have been like working with you.

I always try to include a few helpful prompts when asking previous clients for testimonials, asking them to note some basics like: What service were provided, what the scope/timeline of project was, how communication / updates went, what problems were solved, what their level of satisfaction was etc. This will really give future clients an idea of what it's like to work with you.

2. Your Portfolio

If you've only got your portfolio up on your website, you're seriously missing out on great opportunities for cross-promotion. Reformat your previous work so that it's sized right for various social media channels and post them with links back to your portfolio. This strategy works great as a lead-magnet and you've basically got all of the work done already!

3. Educational, Value-based Content

Think of your online presence as basically an extended portfolio of your work and expertise; when your potential clients are searching online for someone with the skills they need, you can use your social media as channels to demonstrate why you would be right for the job.

Just like a person would interview for a job they want, you too need to prove to your dream clients that you are the person they need to hire for the job!

To do this, you can share valuable content that can help your audience solve problems or overcome a obstacles related to your field. This way, they'll know who to turn to when they need help as you've already established yourself as a credible authority on the subject., make their lives easier or help them move a step closer to their goals.

Educational, value-based content can be:

  • Things potential clients need to do / heave ready before hiring you. This gets them a step closer to working with you and can be designed to help with new client onboarding

  • Free tools related to your services. People appreciate useful freebies and can gain you trust and business in reciprocity

  • Definitions / key terms relating to your field. This helps avoid any miscommunication down the road, can be a useful resource to avoid repeating answers to FAQs, and help establish you as an authority on your niche

3. Personal Content

A big part of attracting your ideal client is to build and nurture connections with these people. Sharing more about yourself, your beliefs, what you stand for will help you more easily connect with an audience that shares your values. It will also help in creating relationships with stronger bonds than what larger, faceless brands can accomplish.

Remember, working online means that there is going to be less one-on-one, face-to-face interaction than you'd otherwise have with clients, so personal content is so important for someone to get to know you.

Personal content can be:

  • Sharing you story or the reason you why you started your business or why you work in your specific industry. This can really show your passion and motivate clients to work with you

  • Inspirational quotes or uplifting messages that you personally found helpful

  • Your "to-do" lists, upcoming projects, or workflows (these make great video content!)

  • Cause you support and the reason you feel so strongly about them

5. Before & After's / Results

Showing before and after transformations of what you can do for clients is a great way to sell your services and build up an online portfolio.

By sharing what you are able to help potential clients achieve, you'll be able to show them that they too can have those results, and you may just inspire some who are stuck on the fence. Be sure to include details about your process and explain key decisions to that your audience can gain an appreciation of, and understand the strategy behind your direction.

Results focused content can be:

  • Sharing before and after images/photos/video of the project, and include a list of all the pain points or problems a client had before working with you and how these were solved

  • Listing results you can achieve and explaining what bigger problems this can help your clients overcome in their businesses or lives

  • Case studies of previous client work

Still need help creating content that attracts your ideal clients?

Check out of my social media services, designed for entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small-businesses. From content creation to full social media management plans; we'll get you social and getting noticed online!


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